About Acer AEB
Acer AEB
Acer AEB Co., Ltd (hereinafter "Acer AEB") was incorporated in 2012 as a key strategic investment in the information and communication technology sector by the global leader Acer Inc. (hereinafter "Acer"). The vision is to create a world-leading provider of advanced information/communication technology and services in the Chinese business world, and to be an intelligent partner in the strategic growth of corporate clients.
One-stop solutions through client relationship management
The capability of Acer AEB is built on its vast experience in the IT industry. Augmented by the integrated core competencies of the Acer Group, broadly covering information hardware, software, telecommunications, the Internet, system development/integration, application platforms, information/communication security, and outsourcing services, we have a long history of in-depth collaboration with corporate clients. We are offering one-stop "software + hardware + service" solutions in the form of industry planning/consulting, value-added application planning, system development, information security, and operation to a wide range of industries, including the public sector, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and high tech.
Witnessing Taiwan's e-volution
  • We created the first ever VR exhibition for the National Palace Museum, offering visitors all over the world a close-up experience with treasures of Chinese culture.
  • We are a contributor to the Taiwan government's IT transition. The Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan, Department of Commerce, and Ministry of Justice have seen improved efficiency and more convenient services with the transition to secure cloud and mobile platforms. /li>
  • We created the Walking Library, the first ever e-magazine distribution service based on annual subscription. The platform distributes over 1.2 million e-books per year.
  • Over 2,500 Taiwanese enterprises have chosen Acer AEB as their long-term information service provider, and procure software/hardware solutions critical to their business operations from us. It's fair to say that we have helped to elevate the general competence of Taiwan's business world.
  • We created Taiwan's first ever cloud-based ticketing service, which distributes over 4 million tickets and coupons per year. The platform is now extending to smartphones with mobile apps.
  • We created Taiwan's first computer-based examination system, which enabled online application to national exams for the first time.
  • We are an active player in the mobile transition of the Taiwanese government, making public services more available with mobile apps.
  • We have developed utility service platforms with real-time bill querying and payment.
  • We created Taiwan's first credit card reward and benefit platform.
  • We created Taiwan's first B2B supply chain cash flow service platform
  • We created iSports, Taiwan's national cloud-based sports platform. The amount of paper saved per year would be 6.6 times the height of the Taipei 101 tower if stacked up.
  • We created Sinjang, the first pre-owned automobile auction platform in the world.