AEB Milestone
  • Expand the horizon of e-Ticketing platform service to professional sports industry. Successfully implemented contactless e-ticket systems for professional baseball and basketball teams from CPBL (Chinese Professional Baseball League) and P League
  • AEB helps Taiwan’s CDC build “THAS” surveillance system for infection and antimicrobial resistance. It is the Winner of WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards in COVID-19 best industry solutions category
  • Awarded by Far East Telecom: Excellent Supplier for Sustainability Award for our trustworthy and reliable information services.
  • AEB continues to better corporate governance, was certified ISO 27001 for information security management system, ISO 27701 for privacy management system, ISO 45001:2018 for occupational health and safety management systems and ISO 14001 for effective environmental management system.
  • AEB initial public offering registration is active and the stock code is 6811.
  • AEB receives the 2020 certificate of registration as a technological & service organization
  • AEB and the National Museum of Taiwan History jointly organized the "VR Bar! Time Traveler" event. AEB provides a VR journey that take visitors through a century of Taiwan history
  • AEB was awarded as Microsoft Team best service partner in Taiwan for FY19 for successfully leverage Microsoft technology platform to build remote meeting and collaboration systems for numerous enterprises to stay competitive during coronavirus pandemic.
  • As a reliable information partner trusted by customers, AEB receives the Fubon Financial's award for quality supplier sustainability on multiple occasions.
  • Following deep cultivation in the field of cloud data security backup and storage, AEB receives the FY19 Commvault Innovation Partner Award.
  • AEB helps make Taiwan an international model in disease prevention through the construction of a nosocomial infections surveillance system and an antimicrobial resistance surveillance system for the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • AEB extends the ePayment Hub to provide new services such as a mobile app for discounted parking and payment services in collaboration with Taiwan's major chain parking operator, Taiwan Unicom.
  • Taiwan's first used-car shared-inventory sales system goes live.
  • AEB provides a cloud ticketing system for transboundary transportation for national freeways between Taipei and Hualien.
  • AEB participates in the Taiwan Government's plan for sports health information cloud services and expands Taiwan Sports Administration's sports cloud and service information content, leading to an 80% increase in platform traffic and a 100% increase in national physical fitness tests.
  • AEB continues to drive digital transformation and software requirements for Taiwan's largest enterprises, being named Microsoft's top cloud partner in Taiwan and receiving awards such as the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year and the Modern Workplace Top Partner Award.
  • AEB continues to innovate the e-publishing service platform, introducing VR technology to the Taipei National Palace Museum, providing a new and interesting immersive cultural experience with the museum's first VR exhibition hall which houses over 400 pieces.
  • AEB uses the cloud ticketing system in their collaboration with I-MAX for the installation of a VR ticketing system in their Shanghai theaters.
  • AEB aids in the transformation of large enterprises through the promotion of cloud services, being awarded as Microsoft's top cloud partner and top distributor for enterprise customers in Taiwan for FY16, and receiving the Trend Micro's Top Partner Strategic Solutions Award.
  • The ePayment Hub is well received among e-commerce providers such as MOMO and PChome, and integrated with a number of parking operators for credit card discount parking services.
  • In the field of artificial intelligence (AI), AEB assists Taiwan's largest taxi service company (Taiwan Taxi) in the construction of platform services for passenger radar, making use of large data analysis and accurate forecasting capabilities to increase customer occupancy and reduce idling rates.
  • AEB joins the Taiwan Government's program for information reconstruction and receives multiple letters of appreciation from the government after undertaking several large-scale projects, such as the construction of the Trade and Commerce Administrative Service System for the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the information reconstruction project for the Judicial Yuan.
  • AEB expands the eTicketing Platform, managing the sales for events such as Jody Chiang's farewell concerts, and integrating Taiwan's major ticket vendors into one platform, including Kham Ticket, the United Daily News, ERA News and Brother.
  • AEB continues to strengthen the market scope and application technology behind the e-Publishing Platform, working with more than 60 magazines in Taiwan to expand the library, strengthen enterprise marketing and promote online subscription services.
  • AEB launches the Business Weekly read-on-the-go app, an e-publishing platform, together with Business Weekly, Taiwan's largest business magazine.
  • Together with IBM, AEB co-organizes frontline information security services, becoming one of the best quality security vendors for IBM in Taiwan.
  • AEB launches the e-Auction system for vehicles and enters the overseas market with planning and development of auctions for Tan Chong Motor in Malaysia.
  • AEB's e-Netcom system for Commerce Industrial Services (Ministry of Economic Affairs) receives the first Taiwan World-Class Information Technology Application Award.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certifies AEB's ePayment Hub system for electronic payments.
  • Acer E-enabling Service Business Inc. (AEB) is established.
  • As the driving force behind informatization for the National Communications Commission (NCC), AEB undertakes projects involving: the creation of a spectrum database query system, a communication management information system, an expansion plan for the communication management information system and a warning dissemination system for major disasters, etc.