Our Vision

The digital transition of enterprises has become a definite trend against the backdrop of global competition. How to create efficient and secure information infrastructures with cloud computing and facilitate leaping growth? How to extract more value out of information, and provide more responsive and appealing experiences and service by proactively utilizing technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence? Enterprises of all scales are looking for an answer for these challenges. At Acer AEB, we are also pursuing the same vision and mission.

An enabler of smart enterprise, propelled by innovation

Driven by the data value of enterprises, Acer AEB has been continuously innovating its technologies and services. The objective is to build practical end-to-end enterprise solutions with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and edge computing. Aided by the "Wangdao" ("benevolent way") spirit and "shared interest" business model that the Acer Group has been championing, Acer AEB is set to become the best enabler of smart enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region.